Talk Universe Recap
Wednesday, August 17th, 2016
Host: Sir Charles Shults

Asteroid Mining and Space Industry

      We discuss the future of mining and industry in space and look at why it is important.  Our co-host, Ed Minchau, shares ideas, technical information, and many links about the growing movement to take industry and even manufacturing to the asteroids.  The interview mentions the sources of metals and some of the history behind their value and what happens when space industry brings untold quantities of precious metals back and injects them into our economy.
         The discussion also covers the need to get more companies involved in space ventures and the need to start producing what will be needed, including food, in space.

Some links for our listeners:
Deep Space
Deep Space Industries video
D-Shape 3D printing
Speech by Chris Lewicki of Planetary
NASA Institute for Advanced Concepts
Discovery News video on asteroid mining
TedX Harvard on asteroid mining
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