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Wednesday, April 5th 2017

The Nature of Gravity

Gravitation is the weakest fundamental force of nature, and one of the least understood. What is gravity, really? What makes it work, and where does it come from?
From the earliest ideas of celestial spheres, to Isaac Newton, to Albert Einstein, to Stephen Hawking, our ideas of gravity have changed dramatically.
However, we still don't have a complete picture of gravity - it doesn't fit anywhere in the Standard Model of Physics.
In this episode, we compare Gravity to the other fundamental forces of nature. We'll also talk about some of the Physicists who have researched gravity, some of the experiments that have been performed and what was discovered, the work in creating and sensing gravity waves, and what we might be able to do to "get around" gravity.
We'll also answer some listener questions.

'Gravitation' by Misner, Thorne, and Wheeler
Rotating Gravity Gradiometer study
Gravity Probe B website
Lense-Thirring effect
introduction to Tensors

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